Fantasy Football vs. Dieting

You’re probably wondering what fantasy football and dieting could possibly have in common? You’ll find my days and activities can be somewhat random, maybe even leaving me feeling a little A.D.D. Aren’t most days like that for everyone???

Which is more challenging, fantasy football leagues or dieting? If you know me, you know I’m more of a support my favorite team by dancing in my seat to the stadium tunes and jumping up to cheer when everyone else does kind of fan. In other words, I know nothing about football or most sports.

My boyfriend challenged me to join a first-year dynasty league fantasy football draft. We will get back to that in a minute.

Dieting brings a plethora of questions and challenges. How many calories does that Chipotle burrito bowl I ate really have? What should I be tracking; calories, carbs, sodium, potassium, protein, cholesterol? Do carbs even matter if I’m counting calories? What’s the whole keto craze about? How many steps do I have to take before it starts to count as exercise? That’s just a few! I didn’t even touch on cardio, max heart rate, High Intensity Interval Training and more!!

Fantasy Football has meant learning about quarterbacks (QB), running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, defenses and kickers. Debating how many of each position I should choose. What round is too soon to pick a QB and what round could be costly if I wait? I’m learning which stadiums have domes, never realized I would need to know that.  I also learned it’s important to consider how age affects my choices. What about rookies? My brain is literally going to explode!   I did find a site to get the most recent stats on injuries, and that’s helpful

Those are just a few things to think about in the wonderful world of football.  So far I think I’m keeping up.  Thank goodness my boyfriend is patient!  Added bonus, we are getting a bunch of extra time together while I learn the ropes of fantasy football.   If you want to create your own draft check out

All those questions on two completely different topics! Both are subjective, both are initially overwhelming. Thankfully both can be broken down into manageable topics. I have used myfitnesspal on and off since 2010. The food data base is massive This tool is like having a super suit! It helps me make better choices, allowing me to understand how the changes I make affect my progress and how my body feels. I have learned when trying to lose weight calories are king for me. I can have my carbs, which typically are within reason if I stick to my calorie count. Protein and other items become more important when I get passed dropping the number on the scale and focus on muscle tone, but that’s getting ahead of where I’m at.

I have a feeling there will be celebrations along the way for both challenges. I also know there will be some setbacks requiring me to take a fresh approach. Which is the bigger challenge??? I’ll let you know after draft day, August 25th. Fingers crossed my cheat sheets will do the work for me. Hmmmm cheating, now that is what you call a big difference; cheating in fantasy helps, in my case it’s absolutely necessary. Cheating on my diet creates setbacks, and new emotional struggles opening the door for self-defeat. That’s no bueno!! I’m gonna try to keep that door closed!

Football will bring an added challenge to my diet. I’ll have to prepare some healthier snacking options. Maybe Sushi Sundays?!? Hopefully jumping up and down rooting for my players will burn some extra calories😊

Here’s to Sunday Fundays!!!!

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  1. Sounds like football season, is going to be challenging, learning all those things will keep you busy and away from eating. I find counting calories is the only thing that works for me. Keep posting, help me get thru my own straggles. Can’t wait until the next one💕💕💕

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