It’s Fall, and I’m Thankful for Some Good Old Fashion Mom Inspiration!

Technically Fall hasn’t started, but if you have kids you know it’s here. I was talking to a friend this past weekend, I asked how mornings were going at her house. (She officially has a Freshman and a 7th grader.) Now, I should mention she’s a woman who always seems to have her stuff together; lovely home, great career, active and respectful boys, great hair, fun to be around and kind, what she said inspired me. She likes getting up in the morning to wake her sons up and make both of her boys a warm breakfast! That’s like off the charts momming, you go girl!

Me, I’m going to take that motivation and sit down today and get all the schedules on my phone. Fall has hit me with school schedules, dance and soccer practice, dance team practices, fund raising events, parent teacher meetings, booster club, the list goes on. Add that to working, managing a home and trying to keep everyone fed, I am bound to forget something or someone if I don’t get this in my phone today.

I’m updating the schedules while I eat lunch and tonight I hit the grocery store to get supplies for some chocolate chip pancakes for my kids. They’ll probably fall out of their chairs.  Pancakes are usually a Sunday thing, occasionally even a fun dinner, but a weekday morning??? My kids will have their minds blown and that makes my heart happy!

My friend inspired me to take the time to get organized, to settle the chaos of back to school and find an easy way to make everyone’s morning start with a smile😊

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Can you relate?

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