Kickin’ Monday’s Butt!

Why are Monday’s such a challenge? I feel like Monday is probably my most challenging day to stay focused. I want to stay snuggled into my comfy covers and shut my brain off so badly. After about 3 rounds of my alarm going off my brain is rapid firing all the responsibilities of the day ahead. This leads to me getting out of bed in Zombie mode. My body is moving, but I’m not even remotely focused. Distracted by just about anything from the radio show I listen to, to the way the light shines in the bathroom… it’s so pretty. I’m like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn, I’m all over the place.

I take my shower and dry my hair and somewhere in the process I begin to become human. My mind is still saying the bed is right there, you haven’t even made it yet, go on wrap yourself with the fluffy comforter for a few more minutes of peaceful bliss. On occasion this thought wins. These days I’m reminding myself that the instant joy of my comfy nap leads to a heaping ton of stress as I make myself late and inevitably end up forgetting something I need for my day, like lunch!

Several years ago, I started a program called Couch to 5k. It’s a great program. When I started running, the hills of my neighborhood were my nemesis. There came a point I was tired of being intimidated by the hill. I decided I would own those hills. I really hadn’t done anything other than change my perspective, but this changed my approach. It challenged me personally. Was I really going to let the hill get the best of me?!?! Hell no!endurance-exercise-female-40751

I’m going to take the same approach to my Mondays. To do this I need to start on Sunday. Sunday evenings I need to look up what weather will be like, so I can lay out my clothes. Sounds silly, but getting my clothes out including making sure I have the right clean bra and panties is a lot easier when my brain is not in full on zombie mode. Doing this at night saves me from standing in my closet, staring blankly at my clothes wondering if I’m going to have to go naked. I’m not sure why, but in the morning, it always seems like I have nothing to wear.   This was such an easy change and big time saver.

Work; first thing on the agenda, make a list. Yep I’m going old school. What are my priorities for the week? I need them on a piece of paper or dry erase board in front of me. I know, you’re probably thinking how does this gal get through a day much less a week if she doesn’t know what she needs to get done at work. My problem isn’t that I don’t know what needs to get done, it’s staying focused on the highest priority items. It’s making sure I don’t give into procrastinating or avoiding anything I should be knocking out. The list allows me to see my priorities and check them off as I go. And OH MY goodness, I can’t tell you how good it feels to make those big check marks!

Food and exercise; I’ve found, I need to plan this too. If not, I’ll be driving through the nearest Jack n the Box and we all know that is a delicious slippery slope! That place has everything. I’m not giving in, which means I need to know what I can look forward to for lunch. For now, I’m using my 15 minute walking break to decide what healthy option I want. Do I go home to make a sandwich, run to the grocery store for an easy meal, treat myself to Panera? I have options and by 10:00 am I’m making my choice and looking forward to it until I head to lunch. When my tummy starts to get rumbly I’m actually kind of proud. I hadn’t felt that in a long time. Now that I have a plan, I know I’m getting plenty of food, I have a delicious meal to look forward to and I know that rumble is a sign of me taking charge. I’m lovin it😊

I know this isn’t mind blowing. However, for me it’s mind calming. In order to keep from spending my day running like a hamster getting nowhere, I need to start and finish my day forcing myself to focus for a few extra minutes. These very small changes are making my days steady, keeping me focused and full of energy. Don’t get me wrong, unless I’m leaving for a tropical island I don’t think I’ll ever look forward to a Monday😉  I do think giving it some thought and using a couple of lists will keep me moving forward.

WABAM I’m already feeling empowered, knowing I can own each day, even Mondays!

Can you relate?

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