Anyone Else Riding the Struggle Bus?


Today the struggle is real. I’m beat, remember the cartoons where they use toothpicks to keep their eyes open, I’m that kind of tired. This weekend was a nice and easy going three day weekend with some pretty exceptional highlights. My family had a huge blessing when we got the results of my dad’s CT scan. The renal cancer that had spread was not just contained but is actually shrinking, I can’t even express the relief this brought to me and my family!  In addition, I got some time with my BF, his family and some quality time with my kids. All in all a pretty perfect weekend 🙂  So why after such a great weekend am I feeling exhausted?

Maybe you can relate, good or bad, being able to compartmentalize gets me through a lot!  Sometimes I think I tend to run on all cylinders when stress levels are high. I don’t let myself overthink any of my issues that I’m facing because let’s face it, I’d get overwhelmed and likely I would shut down.  These are the big girl panty moments of life.  As life goes on these moments seem to be more significant.  Gone are the days of kissing a booboo to make things better.  This chapter is exciting but often stressful.  When a big issue gets worked out and I have that moment of relief, I think everything leading up to it seems like it finally registers. The emotions of the last 5 months, the stress of work, the crazy schedule,  I finally breathe and instead of my mind being rejuvenated it starts to shut off. Focusing on anything becomes a challenge. Even my body is physically tired today. You know that feeling when you wear a pony tail too tight?  My entire body feels that way today. I think my mind knows there’s a break in the stress and it basically sees an opportunity to keep me from being even slightly productive.

So, I’m struggling a bit but hope that another good night’s sleep gets me back to business. I mean like everyone I have way too much to do and way too much to look forward to, to allow myself to shut down.  On tap for tonight, soccer game, football game and dance tonight:)

I’m a little whiny, a little blah but I promise it’s temporary;)  The mini drill sergeant that reminds me daily to get up and get movin’ is screaming to get out.  Today I’m being patient with myself and accepting less than 100% effort. Tomorrow my goal is no excuses. I’m gonna get my mind and body back in check. There’s just too much awesome to let myself sulk like a toddler who lost her security blanket.  Plus, that’s just no fun!

Hugs and Love XOXO

Can you relate?

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