Change Can Happen Overnight

barbecue-bonfire-burn-1251796I know I’ve been a bit MIA over the last couple of weeks. I’m not sure if you operate the same way I do, but when I’m overwhelmed I tend to get quiet. It doesn’t really matter if things are going really well, or if life is getting challenging. In general, any extremes tend to occupy my brain leaving me quiet. Lately, life has been keeping me busy!

There is always the normal everyday activities; work, kids school schedules, sports etc. These don’t tend to keep my mind busy, they are a part of my life that hums along with the seasons. The changes in these activities are generally expected and help keep life interesting. Speaking of seasons, it’s Fall, my favorite season! I love the crisp sky, hoody and jeans weather, bon fires, smores, spiked cider and cuddling up under a blanket. Just thinking about Fall makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I’ve had a lot of excitement in the last few weeks. My BF and I decided it’s time to get our Brady Bunch on. We are officially blending. This required periodically having conversations with our kids, testing their comfort levels and prepping everyone for the change. It was important to both of us to start to find ways to make his home a comfy home for everyone. I bring a girl into the mix, so you know what that means, make up, lots of shoes and OMG tampons!! I’m surprised that didn’t send him running for the hills! It’s been fun starting the move and catching a little tv with the whole family on the couch, even the two dogs joined in. I spent a lot of time overthinking, I do this occasionally😉 I was so worried about all the kids and what might overwhelm them. Well, it turns out my daughter’s biggest concern was if she could add some snack foods to the pantry! I was like um yeah, add it to the grocery list!!!! You know I was getting my 80’s Cabbage Patch Dance on after that, talk about relief!

Blending also meant listing my house for sale. Getting a house ready to go on the market at the end of September seemed like rolling the dice. Is the market good? Am I too late in the season? Did I price it right? Is it clean enough and most importantly how do I keep it clean while its listed?!? Two teens does not equal neat and tidy😉 Like all things in my life, I decided if it’s meant to be it will be. I did a little painting, cleaned and officially listed September 29th.  It sold in 6 hours!!! All that worrying was so unnecessary. Now things just got real, looks like it’s time to get packing.

While all those things seem like enough to keep my mind occupied, there’s more. I’ve shared with you I have a history of cancer. Fortunately, I am here experiencing a wonderful life, unfortunately I am constantly going in for tests and scans when something seems off. Over the last couple of months, I have had a pain in my side on and off, over the last three weeks it has become constant. Pain is a warning, I can’t ignore, actually no one should ignore pain. (Here’s the official PSA; if you are in pain go see your dr, no excuses!!!). I went in for a CT and some ultra sounds. They found a 9cm cyst on my liver and polyps in my gall bladder. That was last week, you know right before my house hit the market…. ahh timing! This week I went in for an MRI, they confirmed the size of the cyst but were also able to confirm it is not cancerous!!!! WoOoOooHOooOoOo!!!!

Monday I will go to a GI specialist and get an official game plan to move forward. I’m sure surgery of some sort will be needed but I don’t have those details just yet. I am so stopped up from the pain meds, my eyes are really REALLY brown. You might remember I’m participating in a Biggest Loser challenge, let me tell ya, pain meds while I’m trying to lose weight is so not helping the number on the scale shrink. In fact, this week it went up! That’s ok though, I’m secretly hoping this cyst weighs like 5 lbs., I mean if I’m gonna have surgery, it may as well help me bring home a Biggest Loser win😉

Overall, I am very fortunate and certainly counting my blessings. I couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds. I get to look forward to new traditions and more people to love, life is feeling pretty wonderful!  Hugs and Loveautumn-autumn-colours-autumn-leaves-355302

Can you relate?

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