Is There a Silver Lining to a Failing Diet?

I am without a doubt failing on my diet goals. Technically I’m still below where I started, so we will call that a step in the right direction. Although Thanksgiving is this week, and I for one plan on enjoying it, soooooo that might mean I’m right back to where I started a couple of months ago.  Even so, I think there is a silver lining.

Why am I not mad at myself? That’s a good question. Like most people in their 40’s I have a plenty of things that distract me from my personal goals. Work, the kids, a house, and I have had some medical challenges mixed in along the way. That’s life, a bunch of distractions from the focuses we feel are important. Dieting usually finds its way to a top focus. Maybe I’m trying to hold onto or regain my figure from my younger days, maybe I feel like if I do lose the weight, I’m still young.  Hahaha I know, some of my thoughts are somewhat delusional😉. Whatever the reason, dieting usually has a way of either making me feel good or feel really horrible about myself.

Failing while dieting happens, and yet I use the failure as an opportunity to squash any confidence I have in myself. Rather than considering what life is slinging at me, or even just understanding that I’m human and its ok to fail sometimes, my inner voice has all kinds of nasty it throws my way, making me feel even more miserable. You know the kind of defeat that makes you want the extra slice of pizza, followed by a tub of ice cream, all eaten while watching The Biggest Loser. All of which reminds me of my serious lack of backbone.

ENOUGH!!! That’s me yelling back at myself! I’m saying enough is enough. While I haven’t lost all the weight I wanted to, and I certainly haven’t jumped on a treadmill, I have done some good things. No, I haven’t adopted any life changing eating habits, I have managed some minor adjustments to my old habits. So, what have I done that’s good???

I have found a way to get through the normal daily challenges, a move, a couple of medical procedures and some not so exciting news about an upcoming surgery. I have managed to do this because thankfully I have help and support. The love and support in my life is something I am beyond grateful for and fortunate to have. Without that support I may have seriously shut down. Instead, I have been able to spend time with my loved ones and friends. We have been having fun, getting dressed up for trivia night, planning holiday gatherings, decorating and enjoying the wonderful life that unfolds in front of us every day.


Maybe its because of the holiday season but I feel like this is where my focus should be. If I can be there to support my friends and family, if I make time to teach the kids a life lesson(whether they are ready for it or not), if I can find time to relax and share a laugh with my unconventional family or a friend, isn’t that what I should reflect on at the end of the day? Um, HELL YEAH it is! Basically 90% of life is headed the right direction, that’s just about as good as it gets!

My 40’s have made me appreciate that time is a gift. I don’t want silly distractions, like a number on the scale robbing me of it. Each year I am reminded of how much the kids change, and how the moments throughout the year and especially at the holidays are unique every time. I want to soak it all up, even the inevitable family bickering. Let’s face it, the bickering is often the entertainment😉

I would love for everyone to give themselves the gift of kindness and understanding this holiday. It’s easy to take a breath and be kind to a stranger, we’re taught that from an early age. It should be just as easy to be kind, and patient to ourselves. Be as understanding and forgiving when we miss a goal as we would if a friend did. I want to focus on enjoying all the wonderful moments the holidays are sure to bring and better yet truly enjoy and have fun with all the wonderful people in my life. Hoping your holiday season is already off to a warm, cozy and happy start!

It’s Official…

I closed on my house yesterday, woohoo😊 Everything has either been moved into storage or moved in! Notice I said moved in, not actually unpacked. I’m seriously wishing I had a fairy Godmother. You know one simple bippity boppity boo and everything would dance right into place.

There’s so much stuff! It has officially taken over the house which is starting to produce some serious anxiety for my BF and I. Clutter has a way of making me feel scattered, probably because I can’t find what I need. Or, maybe it’s because it brings out the procrastinator in me. I’m not much for avoidance, I mean that never solves any problems, but when the clutter and chaos get to a certain point, it’s tough to get motivated. Who wants to dive into the mound of randomness that has built up over the last several weeks?

On the upside it’s not because of my once very sloppy nature; in my 20’s my closet was a waist high pile of clothes mounded on the floor, I would spend tons of time digging until I found what I wanted. My high school locker was even worse, I couldn’t even close it, I think at one point I was keeping things in my friend’s lockers. I was such a mess, it’s amazing I got through a day back then! At least at this point in my life I can blame the mess on moving.

This mess is rapidly becoming a serious problem, it looks like it could threaten my ability to start decorating for Christmas! That is so not happening. Hallmark Christmas movies are in full swing, the leaves are falling, Thanksgiving is early this year, and all the decorations are under one roof. I even know where we put them. My BF dedicated an entire storage area for Christmas decorations. Basically, that means this mess has got to go by the end of this weekend! The kitchen will be completely cleaned and organized, the kids are going to wrap up putting their remaining items away and I will take advantage of the organizing Jon did yesterday and wrap up the garage.

I’m ready to tap into my inner Clark Griswold and bust out the blow ups for the yard, oh yeah… that’s plural!!! I’m pretty sure my mom was on the verge of disowning me because of my love of holiday blow ups. Last year for my birthday I was given a 12’ Santa’s sleigh for the front, I’m not sure if he noticed when we moved, but I brought an 8’ snowman, a cute blow up Christmas tree and a happy penguin. I might be the only person who admits to loving these fine decorations, but it’s all good. What they lack in class they make up for in making people smile. Last year Carter proved my theory that they make people happy. As soon as he saw Santa’s sleigh he ran yup and gave Santa a big ol’ hug. (I should probably mention Carter was 4 at the time😊). That’s really the goal, we want to make people feel welcome, have some fun, create new memories and make the house twinkle inside and out!

It’s time to start thinking about gathering with family, baking some goodies, listening to holiday music, watching our favorite movies, and playing some games. It’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Pet Peeves, Just Everyday Annoyances or Something More?

There are such a variety of Pet Peeves. Here are a few things that get my blood simmering.

I hate when I am blow drying my hair and it gets sucked in the end and knots up causing me to rip the hair out of the blow dryer, leaving a mangled mess, GRRR!

Another one that gets me, when cabinet doors are left open after someone grabs a cup. I’ve done this and yes it was like a double whammy I’m annoyed and then annoyed at myself… You know, I rolled my eyes at my own laziness, and I totally deserved it!

There’s nothing worse, especially on a Monday, than getting in my car with my morning RedBull, hands full, and all the cupholders are filled from the day before.

How about when you go through a drive through and you are looking forward to the fries and they forget the sauce, I mean seriously how hard is it to throw sauce in the bag?!?

Does it bother you when you hold the door open for someone and they don’t say thank you? I mean I know its not going to change their life, but come on how hard is it to smile and nod?!?

Then there are the daily offenders, socks are at the top of this list. How could socks possibly be a pet peeve? I mean they are cozy, they can be comforting, they keep the stink out of our shoes, and they have all kinds of cute, fun prints, so really what could possibly be my issue with socks?  Maybe the issue is with my daughter and socks just get a bad rap. She is notorious for arriving home and immediately taking her shoes and socks off and leaving them wherever she was at that moment. She might leave them in the foyer, family room, kitchen, even the bathroom. Where she never leaves them, her bedroom or the laundry basket. No, no, she’d much prefer to get the daily eye roll and lecture asking why is it so hard to put them in the laundry?? Every day, I see them and still somehow, I’m surprised each time.

My BF hates when laundry doesn’t get completely done. I like this one because there are levels to this pet peeve. If the clothes are left in the dryer, but dry that’s just annoying to him, insert eye roll and sigh of annoyance. I get it, you either have wrinkles or a repeat dryer cycle which wastes time and energy. The bigger offense is if the load gets left in the wash over night. Imagine the discovery of clean clothes sitting in moisture slowly turning to a funky, wet mess, now that’s not how anyone wants to start the day and definitely qualifies as a serious offense. He’s right too, that smell is hard to make go away! Thank goodness for the timers on our phones, cell phone technology that can save the day😉

Why do Pet Peeves get to us? The reactions are varied; it could be anything from an annoyed sigh, an eye roll, a muttered lecture given under my breath seething with annoyance and possibly some creative language. If it’s a serious annoyance and I’m alone in the car and having a bad day it could even be full blown yelling at the poor unsuspecting person. Thankfully, they can’t hear me.

I find people are passionate about what annoys them. We can seriously commit to being appalled by things others do, like heavy breathers or people who drag their teeth down their fork when they eat. Overall when I think about my own pet peeves I am amused. In general, none of my pet peeves will change my day or impact me long term. Most of them either can’t be controlled (heavy breathers, traffic) or the annoyance can easily be remedied.   I mean how hard is it to throw out a couple of old soda cans to clear space in the car, or pick up a pair of socks, or close the cabinet that was left open???

There are so many challenges that creep into each day, I wonder if the reason we let the steam out on pet peeves is because we are expected to keep it together at work, at home, for the kids, at practices, with friends, during family gatherings etc. I think pet peeves might be our safe place. The few moments we get where it is safe to temporarily lose our minds and let out a little crazy! Think about it, friends and family, even strangers are typically understanding of losing your cool over something otherwise considered most likely a petty inconvenience.  Maybe pet peeves are the key to staying sane in this wonderful yet frustrating, sometimes exciting and scary, fast paced world we all live in.

What’s your biggest pet peeve and how do you let out your frustrations? Go ahead and let the crazy out, you’ll feel better later!

My Parents Were So Right…


The list of things they were right about is long, but what I’m feeling today in particular is how fast time seems to pass these days. My parents always said blink and you’ll miss it. I didn’t realize how quickly the phases of life can pass by, it really does take focus to take it all in.

I have no idea where October has gone, and it’s one of my favorite months! In September I was thinking about the kids’ Fall break and how easy going it would be this year. I mean my son is driving which is a help for rides and my daughter didn’t have practices for Sensations. The only things to manage were regular dance practices, soccer practices, football practices and a couple of games, piece of cake! Sometimes I surprise myself with my naïve thoughts😊

There were fewer practices, and no homework, yay!!!   Let me tell you it is very humbling when your kids come to you for help with homework and what they put down in front of you may as well be written in a different language. I’m always happy when there’s no homework, that means a week of not trying to disguise my in ability to provide a legit assist with homework. It means not having to creatively look for a solution that makes it sound like they should have to work for the answers. So, woohoo, no school! What I forgot about was all the extras, the random dentist appointments, the packing of my kids’ rooms that needed to happen and oh yeah, they have a social life now.

I think I saw even less of the kids over break than I do on our normally hectic week. The house was always buzzing with teenagers. Picture a bee hive, and all the busy bees and their buddies, that’s pretty accurate. I think on a given night we had as few as 4 teen boys, and I think we maxed out at 9 one night. It was a fun, but a busy Fall break. We quickly realized Sunday night is our only night to have a family dinner where everyone is together and there are no games, practices or friends. Sorry kiddos, Sunday is officially family time.

I think that’s why time moves so quickly as an adult. Every year that passes the kids change substantially. Driving was such a game changer. I barely see my son any more because he doesn’t need a ride. He works, plays sports, has school and a social life. It feels like overnight everything changed.

High School is a massive change too. The changes in the physical appearance of the kids throughout the 4 years is noticeable for sure. What really makes me feel older is the change in who they are. Growing into their personalities, gaining confidence in who they are, making mistakes and trying to solve them without help. That last item is a love/ hate part of the teen years for me as a parent. I like that the kids are problem solving, if I’m honest, I miss always being the go-to helper. The biggest challenge is not trying to stress, I really wish they had a better understanding of when maybe their buddies shouldn’t be the voice of reason and solution.

So far, we are managing without anything catastrophic changing their paths, thank goodness and knock on wood. I know this can change at any minute. Sometimes I wish things would slow down so I could catch up a little. As time passes and the challenge of having kids changes to the challenge of teens, then to the challenge of teen/adults and eventually adults, I am mostly filled with pride and amazement at what I’m learning along the way and the amazing people that are growing up in front of my eyes. In other words, MIND BLOWN!


40 is the New 30

Hahahahahahaha, not quite!  I’m ok with that.  Do I think my friends and I are making the most of our 40’s? Hell yeah!  I have a feeling that’s why I know 40’s are not the same as my 30’s.

There’s the obvious, metabolism slows done, random ailments seem to start showing up at a moments notice, the laugh lines are starting to have babies.  I’m definitely tired and let’s just say I don’t bounce back from a fun night quite as easily as I once did.

There’s the not so obvious.  I’ve started to have a deeper appreciation for my life.  I am proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish and I’m shocked that my kids survived their youth, so I’m pretty pleased with those results so far.  Let’s face it, if there was a parenting 101 handbook I didn’t read it.  I no longer worry that someone disagrees with the drink I sent them to school with or the tv show we watched last night.  I have confidence in my choices or at least have stopped fretting over trying to make everyone else happy.  It’s much easier to focus on my family, plus they’re the ones I should’ve been thinking about the whole time!  Why exactly did I let the judgmental glares of others even take up part of my day????  My biggest parking lot concern now is getting through the school parking lot without getting hit by a teen driver, scary but much easier to think about than the glares of the past.

My Forties have brought me pride, guiltless pride which I love!  I’ve become less concerned with what others have accomplished.  It took until my forties but I’ve finally grasped that we all have different abilities, we start with different challenges and benefits and it’s actually a good thing.  It’s not something to use to make myself feel like I have failed or I am a bad parent, friend, employee etc.  It’s really a blessing we all have different talents and stress hits us at different times.  If all my friends were having problems at the same time who would be there to help get everyone on track!?!

Silly but one of the best parts of being 40, is appreciating my body; dimples, veins, ailments and all.  I was forever comparing myself to others when I was younger.  Now I compare myself to me.  This has been a mental and physical change for me.  I think at some point I went from wanting to look good to wanting to feel good about me.  I want to actually feel good in my own skin.  In the past, my brain wanted to look like the models we all compare ourselves to, but I’m gonna go with genetics had a different plan.  Now, I’m happy because I feel good [most days; we all PMS sometimes!], I feel like my confidence shows and my BF just has to smile at me and then I feel like one of Beyoncé’s girls.   You know the ones that run the world;)

So aging has its ups and downs.  I am really enjoying the ups.  Confidence feels good and freedom, well that’s down right liberating.  Funny thing, I’m pretty sure the change wasn’t really how many days I’ve lived as much as learning to change the way I look at my days.  My perspective is probably one of the most powerful things in my day and I can control that!  WOW, just typing that made me start singing the Beyoncé Who Run the World song again:)

At this point I realize it’s not that life isn’t fair, life is life.  Everyone has bad days, devastating ones even.  Everyone also has wonderful days that fill our hearts with joy<3  When things are truly starting to become overwhelming I remind myself of how insanely good my next good day is gonna feel, because its true.  I’ve come to understand and appreciate without the rain I would surely lose my appreciation for the sun.

Anyone Else Riding the Struggle Bus?


Today the struggle is real. I’m beat, remember the cartoons where they use toothpicks to keep their eyes open, I’m that kind of tired. This weekend was a nice and easy going three day weekend with some pretty exceptional highlights. My family had a huge blessing when we got the results of my dad’s CT scan. The renal cancer that had spread was not just contained but is actually shrinking, I can’t even express the relief this brought to me and my family!  In addition, I got some time with my BF, his family and some quality time with my kids. All in all a pretty perfect weekend 🙂  So why after such a great weekend am I feeling exhausted?

Maybe you can relate, good or bad, being able to compartmentalize gets me through a lot!  Sometimes I think I tend to run on all cylinders when stress levels are high. I don’t let myself overthink any of my issues that I’m facing because let’s face it, I’d get overwhelmed and likely I would shut down.  These are the big girl panty moments of life.  As life goes on these moments seem to be more significant.  Gone are the days of kissing a booboo to make things better.  This chapter is exciting but often stressful.  When a big issue gets worked out and I have that moment of relief, I think everything leading up to it seems like it finally registers. The emotions of the last 5 months, the stress of work, the crazy schedule,  I finally breathe and instead of my mind being rejuvenated it starts to shut off. Focusing on anything becomes a challenge. Even my body is physically tired today. You know that feeling when you wear a pony tail too tight?  My entire body feels that way today. I think my mind knows there’s a break in the stress and it basically sees an opportunity to keep me from being even slightly productive.

So, I’m struggling a bit but hope that another good night’s sleep gets me back to business. I mean like everyone I have way too much to do and way too much to look forward to, to allow myself to shut down.  On tap for tonight, soccer game, football game and dance tonight:)

I’m a little whiny, a little blah but I promise it’s temporary;)  The mini drill sergeant that reminds me daily to get up and get movin’ is screaming to get out.  Today I’m being patient with myself and accepting less than 100% effort. Tomorrow my goal is no excuses. I’m gonna get my mind and body back in check. There’s just too much awesome to let myself sulk like a toddler who lost her security blanket.  Plus, that’s just no fun!

Hugs and Love XOXO

Why Diet?

At this point there’s no chance I’m going to start looking like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, so why make the effort?

Let’s be real, most of the things I’ve sacrificed aren’t exactly doing me any favors. French fries and pizza they taste so good, but they generally leave me feeling, lethargic, bloated and craving even more, usually something sweet like ice cream.  Once ice cream hits these lips, it may as well be like the explosion of a gun at the start of a race announcing, let the cravings begin!!!

When I look at it, most simple changes I’ve made are not really sacrifices. They’re better choices. Why should I stick with my diet?  I feel like diet is a little harsh, it’s more of a mid-life lifestyle change, not to be confused with a mid-life crisis;) OK, back to the reasons why I should make the changes. It’s a given, I’d love to see the number on the scale drop, and certainly not feeling like I need to use pliers to zip up my pants is a bonus. Those really aren’t my motivators, they’re just lovely benefits.  Here are four reasons why I want to stay on track.

My health is a huge motivator. My thirties brought its own set of life changes and health issues and I adjusted and faced each one. The challenge of my forties is totally different. Exhaustion is harder to combat, and I’ve started waking up with aches. Hell, sitting in my chair at work can leave me feeling as achy as a good workout used to. These changes have been subtle. They came on slowly and it’s taken a little while for my brain to understand the impact of age, maybe my brain is slowing down too, not cool! These days, it’s basically yelling, “Hey lady, you aren’t 20 and you didn’t work out, you shouldn’t ache!” Moving is helping me keep some of those aches at bay. Making better food choices is helping me cut down on headaches, sleep better and bringing some energy back. I’m already feeling stronger and healthier 6 weeks in, and I’ve only made simple changes. (K.I.S.S. keep it simple silly)

My relationship; I’m lucky my BF is joining me on the quest for dropping a few pounds and bringing sexy back, at least our version of sexy;) This is something we are doing together which makes it easier, it keeps me focused and it absolutely motivates me. (All smiles) In our lives there’s a lot going on; jobs, kids, houses, parents etc., so there’s no shortage of ways for us to support each other. The diet is a way we can support and help each other. This is something that is strengthening our relationship. I’m sure you can relate to this, work can be draining and I don’t want that to keep me from enjoying my evenings with him.  I want to get home and feel full of life even after a stressful day.  Our evening should not revolve around me being zoned out on the couch.  The changes I’m making are slowly bringing me back to life.  They are also giving me confidence.  I’m not sure if confidence affects your relationship, but when mine is low it absolutely changes me. Confidence in my appearance leads to confidence in other areas, and that definitely helps our relationship. I want my relationship to be fun and playful. The results from a small amount of effort have a huge impact on my relationship. Totally worth it!

My friends are another big reason I want to continue the journey. Being honest with myself, acknowledging I’ve entered the danger zone of 40’s fatigue and gotten fluffier than I’d like has brought me closer to my friends. It allows me to complain and relate to my friends because it’s happening to them too. Maybe it’s a little sinister but, YAY, I’M NOT ALONE! They understand when I’m hangry and don’t hold it against me. They know the challenge of a slower metabolism and how hard it is to keep at a goal that 10 years ago I would’ve conquered with ease. It’s quite possible we’re bonding over a challenge that will be a part of our lives for a long time, at least until our eye sight gives out;) The support of a good friend can push me just enough to keep going. Don’t get me wrong there’s a couple of times I’ve cussed out my BFFs under my breath because I want someone to say go ahead and be lazy. Thank goodness for fierce friends who don’t tell me what I want to hear. They tell me what I need to hear. (You know who you are!)

My kids;  I don’t need to be a certain size for my kids to love me, they’d love me even if I looked like Mrs. Claus. They keep me moving and I want to have the energy to not only get to their games but be there to cheer them on. Getting healthier is giving me that energy back. I want them to see I have made a choice to take control of my health. They need to see how good choices, even simple ones like what I snack on, have an impact on my life.  Teenagers’ emotions are so out of control showing them how exercise and diet can empower them and help them sort through their stresses is a huge lesson I want to give them. It’s just not a lesson I can teach with words, it requires living as an example.  Amazing how my kids without even trying are forcing me to manage my life, who’s teaching who???

If dieting and a few life style adjustments can lead to that many benefits, it’s absolutely worth the effort to change my approach on my day. Amazing how a few small changes are leading to a very big impact on my world and that’s exciting!!!

Peanut butter Oreo blizzard???  No thank you;)

Where Are the Cool Mom Clothes??

I know that’s kind of an oxymoron, cool and mom don’t generally go in the same sentence. In the US, Women between the ages of 30-50 account for 13% of the population, that’s over 42 million women in the US alone. Um, I think that means we should be able to find clothes that don’t make us look like one of the Golden Girls. Or worse yet, like we are trying to be friends with Kylie Jenner, so not ok!

Today I’m not talking about how to improve myself in any way, this is even a touch trivial, but it’d be nice if it were easier to find clothes that made me feel confident and even a little sexy. I said a little sexy, not the coy, frisky tight clothing of our 20’s. Why does it seem so complicated? Maybe this is why Jennifer Anniston is always caught in jeans and t-shirts. Of course, she still looks drop dead gorgeous, but maybe she keeps it simple because there aren’t enough options for women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

As my kids have gotten older two things make me step back and assess my appearance before going out;  1.  Is what I’m about to wear appropriate for being around teenagers? 2.  Do I look like I’m trying to be a teenager? Can you imagine how mortified my daughter would be if one of her friends came over and I was wearing the same outfit?!? I gave myself a rule to follow, just because clothes from the Junior’s department fit, doesn’t mean that I can wear them! It’s been hard letting go of some of my go-to stores, especially the comfy clothes like leggings from PINK, ahhh, the things I do for my kid😉

I want to feel good about myself, I want to feel feminine and fashionable. I’m not ready for moomoo dresses and mom jeans. I have found a few places where I tend to find things that bring my wardrobe back to life.   Here are a few favorites:

White House Black Market

I always feel like the catalog is a misrepresentation of this company. It feels geared toward business and almost has an older feel to it. But, I love this store, the jeans and reversible tanks alone keep my coming back for more. I generally order most things online. They have great quality most everything is washable, and their clearance prices are fantastic!


Everyone knows Target, I find myself shopping there more and more. I almost have to schedule when I go, because I can lose hours in this store, ok I might be shopping for more than just clothes😉


Great for dresses, they have a large selection of A-Line and Midi dresses, feminine and fun. Prices here are moderate.


I think Kohl’s is one of the best kept secrets out there. I get most of my work dresses, cardigans (the cute kind), and even workout clothes. Bonus, their prices are easy on the pocket book.

Stitch Fix

This is a subscription box service and if you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what you are missing. This is my periodic treat to myself. You answer some questions, enter your size and pricing preferences and what you need and request a fix. The jeans are magical! I swear they are like Sisterhood of the Travels Pants kind of awesome. I can go to the store and try on a dozen pairs of jeans and none fit, they send one pair and it’s like Hollywood magic, they fit like a glove. I also like that the box sends tops that I like but I wouldn’t have necessarily tried them on had they not been delivered to my house. If you keep all items the discount makes Stitch Fix an affordable option, but you can read more about it online.

Lorna Jane

I can thank my younger sister for introducing me to this one, love her! Athletic ware, Ok ladies this is the most expensive athletic ware I have ever purchased. But, they have sports bras that are AMAZING! Lorna Jane Sports bras are cute, sassy and they have pads! I don’t have to look like a pre-pubescent boy when I’m working out, woohoo!!!! Now you understand why I’m willing to pay the big bucks😉

These are a few of my favorites. Leave me a comment if you have a go to store I missed that makes you feel like the fine woman you are! I’d love to have more options. Happy shopping!

Thanks for the feedback:)  one cool mom gave me some information on a couple of sites I haven’t used before.      They’ve got some great looking tops, dresses and accessories and I like their lookbook section.  I think that will help keep me from going to the same cuts and styles I usually choose. I will be checking them out!

This site has a large variety of merchants and items.  It ships same day and they have payment options if you want to take advantage of them.  I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this site before.  Becky, thank you for sharing!!!  I have a feeling this could keep me entertained for awhile!



Kickin’ Monday’s Butt!

Why are Monday’s such a challenge? I feel like Monday is probably my most challenging day to stay focused. I want to stay snuggled into my comfy covers and shut my brain off so badly. After about 3 rounds of my alarm going off my brain is rapid firing all the responsibilities of the day ahead. This leads to me getting out of bed in Zombie mode. My body is moving, but I’m not even remotely focused. Distracted by just about anything from the radio show I listen to, to the way the light shines in the bathroom… it’s so pretty. I’m like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn, I’m all over the place.

I take my shower and dry my hair and somewhere in the process I begin to become human. My mind is still saying the bed is right there, you haven’t even made it yet, go on wrap yourself with the fluffy comforter for a few more minutes of peaceful bliss. On occasion this thought wins. These days I’m reminding myself that the instant joy of my comfy nap leads to a heaping ton of stress as I make myself late and inevitably end up forgetting something I need for my day, like lunch!

Several years ago, I started a program called Couch to 5k. It’s a great program. When I started running, the hills of my neighborhood were my nemesis. There came a point I was tired of being intimidated by the hill. I decided I would own those hills. I really hadn’t done anything other than change my perspective, but this changed my approach. It challenged me personally. Was I really going to let the hill get the best of me?!?! Hell no!endurance-exercise-female-40751

I’m going to take the same approach to my Mondays. To do this I need to start on Sunday. Sunday evenings I need to look up what weather will be like, so I can lay out my clothes. Sounds silly, but getting my clothes out including making sure I have the right clean bra and panties is a lot easier when my brain is not in full on zombie mode. Doing this at night saves me from standing in my closet, staring blankly at my clothes wondering if I’m going to have to go naked. I’m not sure why, but in the morning, it always seems like I have nothing to wear.   This was such an easy change and big time saver.

Work; first thing on the agenda, make a list. Yep I’m going old school. What are my priorities for the week? I need them on a piece of paper or dry erase board in front of me. I know, you’re probably thinking how does this gal get through a day much less a week if she doesn’t know what she needs to get done at work. My problem isn’t that I don’t know what needs to get done, it’s staying focused on the highest priority items. It’s making sure I don’t give into procrastinating or avoiding anything I should be knocking out. The list allows me to see my priorities and check them off as I go. And OH MY goodness, I can’t tell you how good it feels to make those big check marks!

Food and exercise; I’ve found, I need to plan this too. If not, I’ll be driving through the nearest Jack n the Box and we all know that is a delicious slippery slope! That place has everything. I’m not giving in, which means I need to know what I can look forward to for lunch. For now, I’m using my 15 minute walking break to decide what healthy option I want. Do I go home to make a sandwich, run to the grocery store for an easy meal, treat myself to Panera? I have options and by 10:00 am I’m making my choice and looking forward to it until I head to lunch. When my tummy starts to get rumbly I’m actually kind of proud. I hadn’t felt that in a long time. Now that I have a plan, I know I’m getting plenty of food, I have a delicious meal to look forward to and I know that rumble is a sign of me taking charge. I’m lovin it😊

I know this isn’t mind blowing. However, for me it’s mind calming. In order to keep from spending my day running like a hamster getting nowhere, I need to start and finish my day forcing myself to focus for a few extra minutes. These very small changes are making my days steady, keeping me focused and full of energy. Don’t get me wrong, unless I’m leaving for a tropical island I don’t think I’ll ever look forward to a Monday😉  I do think giving it some thought and using a couple of lists will keep me moving forward.

WABAM I’m already feeling empowered, knowing I can own each day, even Mondays!

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